• Ubusi, is a trade mark of VG Ideas Pty Ltd (www.vg-ideas.co.za)
  • Ubusi is Xhosa (An official South African language) for honey/beehive. The basis of making our strong cardboard panels is the honeycomb structure. The name refers to this.
  • Ubusi also refers to nature and as a maker of cardboard pallets we aim to bring environmental products to the market.
  • Ubusi also refers to bees and we strive to copy the bees’ superior organisation, working for each other with each other.
  • VG Ideas is looking to entering different markets and different fields with Ubusi products.
  • Currently we are based in Cape Town but are looking after a successful start to expand into South Africa en maybe internationally.


VG Ideas was started in 2007.
The first product was a protea gift pack. Out of the protea gift pack the flower box concept was born.

In August 2008 we started doing our first trials on making honeycomb structures. We built our own heated hydraulic press to glue structures on to board and made our first pallets in March 2009.
First successful trials in June 2009.
August 2009: Building a new machine to make honeycomb (up to then by hand)

2010 till now Expanding product range to bins and crates. Building more machines to mechanise production of the honeycomb structures.



philippe van geyt

VG-ideas is an owner (Philippe Van Geyt) run company.
Russell Abrahams is responsible for production.

Philippe Van Geyt is originally from Antwerp, Belgium. In 2000 he moved from Belgium to Stellenbosch, South Africa. He has worked for 15 years at Smurfit Kappa and has a lot of experience in cardboard packaging.
He started VG Ideas in 2007.
Philippe is happily married and has 2 sons (Twins, 11 years old)

Visit www.vg-ideas.co.za for more information on the company and other products we have.  
You are also welcome to read my blog.

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