Strong, lightweight, made to size and easy to assemble.
The Ubusi bin is your first choice if you are looking for a packaging to fill your product with.

  • The Ubusi bin is made using the in house built honeycomb panels.
  • Every bin consists of a base, 4 walls and a lid.
  • The base can be built with feet so that easy access with a pallet jack or forklift is possible.
  • Two of the walls are attached to the base with a kraftliner sheet, making it possible to lay them flat or put them upright.
  • When the sides are upright it is very easy to slide in the 2 other walls.
  • A kraftliner sheet along the side of the bin keeps the walls in place during loading.

The base, walls and lid can be made in different thickness Ubusi panels. Depending on the strength that is needed the right thickness is chosen. Using the Ubusi panels also give the bin high protection and shock absorption properties. While wooden crates give the shocks straight to your product, the Ubusi bin will reduce this dramatically. Ideal when shipping electronic goods.

The 45 degree angels on the walls make sure that the bin becomes a strong unit after strapping horizontally.
Two vertical straps keep the lid in place during shipping.
Corner boards, Straps and buckles are supplied to size with each bin.

The lid has corner boards attached on all 4 sides, making for a nice fit and closure of the bin.

We make the bins to size; all we need is the internal measurements you require.
You can also give us the maximum external measurements and we will work it back.

Ventilation holes or handles can be added.

Internal securing pieces can be cut from the Ubusi panels.
Lightweight compared to wood means savings on transport costs. Certainly on airfreight!
No Fumigation needed 100% cardboard.
The crates are delivered flat so to save on transport costs while delivering.

Our clients use the bins to ship spare parts (+1 ton) for boilers to Indonesia or another client ships spices to Africa in them.

It is best to contact us for a quote as pricing depends on the thickness of the Ubusi panels used. For some indication:

  • A 30 mm Ubusi bin with pallet feet   900x900x550 mm internal    795 rand excl Vat


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