The Ubusi crate is lightweight, strong and made to size.

The Ubusi crate is built around your product, offering excellent protection during transport.

Extremely easy to assemble and quick to use.

Each crate consists of 6 walls. The base can be made with feet so that easy access with a forklift or pallet jack is possible. The walls are made from Ubusi panels and can vary in thickness, depending on the weight of what is packed and the protection needed.
The walls have 45-degree angle on all sides and some sides have angle board attached. Sliding the sides into each other is a piece of cake. If one put two 45 degree corners together with the angle board is makes for a nice lock. Strapping the crate (straps supplied with buckles) makes for a tight unit.

We make the crates to size. You can supply us the internal measurements or the external maximum dimensions and we will work out a quote for you. No number of crates is too small. Any size. We have made crates of 6 x 3 x 3 meters.
Due to the use of Ubusi honeycomb panels, the crates have a very high shock absorption rate. While the wooden crates give all the shocks to your product, the honeycomb will absorb most of them. Ideal for electronic goods.

  • No nails or splinters, all cardboard. No fumigation needed.
  • Lightweight means savings on transport costs, certainly when airfreighting.
  • Handles can be added to make it easier to lift the crate once packed.

The Ubusi crates are delivered flat so to reduce the transport costs from us to you. Upon request we can also glue the crate together with a loose lid.
Some examples of usage by our clients: they use the crates to ship big chest freezers into Africa, aluminium canopies to Europe, Electronic dispensers worldwide or Art in South Africa.

Pricing: Prices are dependant on the thickness of the Ubusi panels used so it is always best to contact us for a quote.  For some indication:

  • 20 mm Ubusi panel crate for a painting:  800x600x60 mm Internal     375 rand excl VAT
  • 30 mm Ubusi panel crate for electric display cabinet:  900x900x550 mm   755 rand excl VAT

NEW:  Hardboard crates for paintings.  Using the Ubusi honeycomb to built a hardboard sandwich panel we improve the piercing resistance of the crates.  Handles can be incorporated into the crate walls.  Edges are finished with cardboard edging.  Triple layer protection for your art. High shock resistance due to honeycomb inner structures.2015-07-14 15.33.41


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