You are looking to build a stand or simply to laminate a picture on a rigid background, the Ubusi display panels are the solution.

By sandwiching a honeycomb structure between 2 white e-flute sheets we make very strong display panels.
The white e-flute is perfect for printing or for laminating.
The panel’s thickness can vary depending on the thickness of the structure.
The thicker the panel the more rigid it becomes.
The current standard thicknesses are 20, 30, 50 and 90 mm panels.
Other thicknesses can be made based on volumes and market need.
Our standard size is currently 120×240 cm

  • Panels can be combined 
  • The panels are very lightweight but strong.
  • High compression strength is obtained by the corrugated honeycomb structure.
  • The panels can be easily cut with a panel saw or carpet knife.
  • In this way you can give it any shape you wish.
  • The sides can be finished off by using extra paper, plastic edges or lamination.

The panels are strong enough to build Expo stand walls, chairs, tables, shelving etc. With thicknesses of up to 90 mm you can make a lightweight but sturdy stand. Combining the techniques we use to make crates and bins one could use the display panels to make counters, desks, cupboards etc.

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