• Pallet Can be made from 100% recycled paper (testliners, no virgin)
  • The pallet is itself 100% recyclable (wooden pallets are a big problem for the landfills)
  • Paper recycling is well established industry in many countries.

The recyclability of the pallet is therefore easily implemented in the daily business.



  • Pallets can interlock, 21 pallets per stack compared to 15 for wood. Savings on transport for delivery to you from our factory
  • Lightweight: Up to 20 kg less than wood. Reduced weight is less
    fuel used and thus less CO2. The savings in pallet weight allow you to transport more products per load, thus saving trips in the longer run.
  • Latest UN Report states that up to 30% of Climate change is due to deforestation. This is as much as the contribution of
    the industrialised world.
  • Trees are a storage for CO2
  • If burned or rot they release their CO2
  • Using less wood should lead to reducing deforestation.

No Fumigation or heat treatment needed.

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