By sandwiching a honeycomb structure between 2 kraftliner sheets we make very strong panels that are used by us in our production or by our customers. Glue is applied to the honeycomb structure and the kraftliner sheets are placed on the top and bottom. A heated hydraulic press makes sure that the bond is made well and curing time is reduced.
The panel’s thickness can vary depending on the thickness of the structure. The thicker the panel the more rigid (higher bending resistance) it becomes. The current standard thicknesses are 20, 30, 50 and 90 mm thick panels.
Our standard size is currently 100×120 cm. Panels can be combined by pushing them together and gluing paper strips on both sides of the bond. Cutting both panels 45 degrees improves the strength of the bond and combined panel. Cutting and/or making bigger panels can be done by us or by yourself.
The panels are very lightweight but strong. High compression strength is obtained by the corrugated honeycomb structure.
The panels are easily cut with a carpet knife or a panel saw.
The Ubusi panels are 100% recyclable and are made partially from recycled board.
They are very good in shock absorption and could be used as protective inserts in place of polystyrene.
The panels can be used also for further sandwiching between wood or other materials. In the panel format they are very easy to handle and cut to size.

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