Going green, save money

Going Green in 2023 Can Save Your Business Money

Providing a transport packaging or storage solution in 2023 that both resonates with a growing population of environmentally conscious consumers and considers the need to cut costs is a serious juggling act for many South African business owners. So today we’re asking… How can you go green, and save your business money at the same time?


The first packaging companies that latched on to the concept of going green were passionate about the environment and they had the means to try new and experimental business models. They implemented recycling initiatives and sourced natural materials that had less of a destructive impact on the environment. This approach to business hit all the right notes with a consumer mindset that was also evolving.
Today, being environmentally conscious has become the standard. Regenerative cultures are reflected in the processes, the marketing and even in the long-term growth plans of businesses.


As a collective attitude towards a better future, this is a great way to think and has a long list of benefits, but many business owners have come to a fork in the road where two trends play out in opposite directions; the growing environmentally conscious trend in one direction, and our cost-cutting needs forced by a struggling economy in another direction. Simply put, there are businesses that cannot afford to adopt environmentally friendly practices on a normal day, and now even more so during tough economic times.
Packaging companies that are new or limited with their budgets often struggle to handle the larger initial costs of using fully recyclable cardboard materials because they tend to be more expensive. This is partly because the demand for environmentally friendly materials is not yet at the same level as more commonly used materials.
Plastics, for example, have been around for a long time and there’s just so much of it available, making it a highly competitive option. Additionally, business owners with pallet or crate needs and cost-cutting in mind, usually gravitate towards wooden products because they’re highly abundant, strong, and can be picked up for very low prices.
We cannot blame businesses for taking the cheaper, and less environmentally friendly option to survive tough circumstances. We can however encourage a deeper look and ask… what if there are alternatives that support profits in tough financial circumstances, and allow the adoption of environmental regenerative practices?


Some due diligence on emerging plastic packaging or standard wooden alternatives highlights some encouraging options. Corrugated cardboard is continuously cropping up as a winning alternative, especially with the continuous improvement and innovative approaches some manufacturers are applying.
Corrugated honeycomb design cardboard for instance is designed to match the strength and rigidity needs of pallets, bins, and crate seekers. It’s also a lightweight product which means that significant costs are saved in transport. In addition, cardboard doesn’t require treatment with harmful and problematic chemicals like methyl bromide to prevent pest issues. They also don’t accumulate in space stealing piles, and they can be sold back into recycling. These are all much needed cost-saving benefits, welcomed at a time when our primary focus is on beating the economic pinch.
The goal is to become a clear advocate for environmental sustainability and to have impactful regenerative practices built into our operation because this offers additional access to business networks with similar values and objectives. New partnerships make the future look great! We know this can be achieved while staying within the green where our finances are concerned – it’s just a matter of getting a solution customized to suit your needs.


If you’ve got packaging, storage, or transport needs and you’re uncertain if there are cost-effective solutions appropriate to your business that could help you contribute to a healthier environment, then consulting with an industry expert like Ubusi may be the best thing for you to do.
Our innovative approach to product development is responsible for the unique honeycomb design cardboard range that’s proven to deliver high-quality results and positively impact profit margins. We tick all the right boxes for you.


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