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    Relocating? Ensure Your Valuables Make the Journey too

    You’re not alone if you’re packing up and leaving the bustling Johannesburg for the scenic Western Cape. The Mother City has become a dream destination for many in the country. But relocating is challenging, especially when moving priceless art, furniture or antiques over a thousand kilometres. This is how you can get it right and begin a new life surrounded by the homely items you cherish.


    South Africa boasts enticing residential options from coast to coast and lots in between. Many people have packed up to make the trip from the Northern regions to the Western and Eastern Cape. Figures suggest that the Western Cape alone welcomed almost half a million new residents in the last few years.

    “Semigrating,” as it’s known, is the act of moving from one part of a country to another, often in search of better economic conditions, quality of life, or simply just a change in scenery. If you fall into either of these categories and are thinking of making the move, you’ve probably begun to feel some anxiety and emotional distress about the logistics involved.

    We believe starting a new life in a new place should be a positive experience. But moving priceless art, expensive furniture and antiques can be challenging. They’re fragile, don’t fare well on the move, and are exposed to many unforeseen scenarios.


    So, to help you make relocating more uplifting and get your valuables safely to your new home, we’ve unpacked some insights for you to consider before heading over.

    The trip may be long, which means whatever you’re transporting could pass through various checks or holdups. Some may not be as welcoming as you’d like. Know the route your goods are travelling and ensure they’re safe and not easily accessible.

    Temperature and humidity differences can be hazardous for your items, especially art. A short trip from the Highveld to the coast can take you through 4 seasons, so valuables must not be exposed to the elements.

    Consider the unforeseen. Get comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your goods while in transit. It’s a welcomed safety net for the unexpected.

    Choose your movers wisely. Specialised moving companies can help ensure a seamless journey from one end of the country to the other. Select a provider that prioritises inspections, has positive reviews and provides quality training for their staff.

    Most importantly, the journey is physically demanding. Quality packaging is essential to protect your items from transit vibrations and rough handling and packing.


    Partnering with a specialist packaging company that understands transit, cares about your valuables, and provides a proven quality product can turn your “Semigration” experience into the positive one you dreamed of.

    At Ubusi we understand land, sea and air transit for heavy-duty loads and fragile goods and have developed custom crates and pallets with all your moving needs in mind.

    Our unique cardboard honeycomb design is lightweight for efficiency, and the corrugated B-flute design strengthens the core and eliminates vibrations.

    Ubusi quick assembly crates are built around your art, furniture or antiques and provide enhanced protection against potentially damaging packing, handling, and travel.


    Ubsui is in the Western Cape and Johannesburg. We’re perfectly positioned to prepare you for the trip whether you’re heading South or up North. We’ll develop a custom crate and pallet solution for you, or you can ask your specialist removal company to ensure they use Ubusi.

    Begin the best new chapter of your life with the valuables that mean so much to you.

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  • Quality packaging, a better moving experience!

    Quality Packaging Puts the Positive Back Into Moving

    Moving house can be a challenge. Even if the move is a step forward, complex emotions can make it stressful. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are measures you can take to make it easier and turn the experience into a positive one. The right packaging has the power to do just that. This is how…


    Imagine for a moment you’ve just moved out of the house you grew up in to begin an exciting new chapter in your life. Knowing just how tough changes like this can be, you take along the possessions that hold the most sentimental value so you can hold on to some happy memories.

    As you begin to unpack in your new house, you suddenly feel less optimistic when you find your father’s artwork crushed in a box that clearly couldn’t handle the demands of the journey. Now you feel like you’ve made a huge mistake!


    A survey by OnePoll on behalf of North American Van Lines found that moving house ranks as one of the most stressful and traumatic life events. In fact, 64% of the survey participants cited moving as the most stressful thing they’ve ever endured.

    But why does it cut so deep? There’s a lot going on when you pack up and ship out. You’re going through a significant life change, and the lack of familiarity or perceived safety, and security can cause anxiety. You may also be leaving cherished people and places behind. Almost everything about it throws you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

    Although the emotional impact of moving is usually more distressing than the physical act, mishaps in the handling and transit process can aggravate the situation further. Finding damaged irreplaceable heirlooms or valuables can easily dial up the negative emotions and make moving an experience you’d rather avoid.


    Some emotional discomfort is inevitable, but there are things you can do to improve the overall process. Planning early will give you time to adjust to logistical snags, listing reasons why the move is a step forward will give you something positive to focus on, and staying organised will help you tick the right boxes.

    It’s also essential to hire professional movers who understand the human impact of their job and will treat your items with the care they deserve. But most importantly, using quality boxing and packaging that can handle the rigours of travel will guarantee safe passage for your valuables.


    Quality packaging that protects your possessions on the journey will allow you to surround yourself with the items that are important to you. A loved one’s painting, an ornamental piece, or even some vintage furniture you had in your old house can help you experience that familiar feeling of home again.

    A quality packaging solution can improve the packing process by ensuring boxes fit well in the truck. It can prevent damage, reduce transport costs, and help movers handle the boxes more effectively.


    At Ubusi we understand that some valuables simply cannot be replaced, so they need to make the journey safely. We create packaging solutions with priorities like this in mind.

    Ubusi’s environmentally friendly cardboard crates, with their unique honeycomb design, are the perfect combination of strength and efficiency. They’re lightweight, customizable, easy to assemble, and built to withstand the challenges of travel. They also ensure a secure fit no matter the shape or size of your valuables.

    Enjoy your new home with a familiar feeling of comfort and love. Contact Ubusi for a packaging solution to get your valuables safely to their destination or ask your removal company to reach out to us. Whether you’re in Cape Town or Johannesburg – we’ve got you covered.

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  • Before we step into the new year…

    Thank You for Being Part of the Ubusi Journey in 2023

    As 2023 wraps up and we reflect on the moments that made this year special, we’re reminded of how grateful we are for your support. We just wanted to thank you for being part of the Ubusi journey this year.


    This year Ubusi enjoyed the support of businesses in industries with products ranging from kitchen countertops to outdoor leisure equipment. Some of our relationships are new and just beginning to gain momentum, while others are long-term partnerships that continue to strengthen.

    In 2023 Ubusi was the top crate and pallet choice for many businesses transporting valuable products to local and international destinations as well as for consumers moving priceless art, ornaments, and furniture. We’re thankful for the trust – its inspired us to raise our game even further.

    Earlier in the year, we also strengthened our operational capacity by installing a generator, which has helped us maintain production in line with demand even as power cuts rolled through the country. It’s another step towards ensuring we always deliver a reliable service and a positive customer experience.


    Our growth in 2023 reminds us there is no substitute for a quality packaging solution. More people are catching on to the wins that come with being proactive about their crate and pallet choices.

    Businesses that consider packaging a little more intently save on fuel costs, enjoy greater market access where quality and compliance are an issue, and ensure their customers are always on the receiving end of undamaged goods.

    Quality packaging initiatives can also benefit those moving valuable pieces of art, furniture, and ornaments and may cut out the stress of handling rare or irreplaceable items. Strong, shock-absorbent packaging can protect even the most fragile goods and ensure they arrive exactly as they left.


    We’re proud to say that we understand our customers and hold many of the same values they do. We believe that Ubusi products reflect this.

    Quality and customer experience are at the top of our priority list. Every single crate or pallet, with its unique honeycomb design, is produced to give customers peace of mind and reassure them their products are in the safest hands.

    We value sustainable practices and ensure our products can be recycled so that wastage is prevented, and everyone enjoys the benefits of the continuous cycle of use. Environmental sustainability matters to us too, because we believe in contributing to regenerating and preserving the resources that support us.


    2024 is going to be a big year for Ubusi. We’ll be unveiling an exciting new product aimed at adding even more value to the way you experience our service. More on this to come soon so keep your eyes peeled.

    We’ll also enhance the relationships we have with our existing customers and expand our reach to make an impact on the lives of those who have not enjoyed the benefits of Ubusi’s range yet.

    As always, our primary goal for the year will be to deliver a product that cares for your valuables as much as you do and ensures you enjoy the authentic Ubusi experience. We are ready to support you, partner with you and help you impress your customers with a superior cardboard packaging solution.

    But before we get into 2024, take some time out to relax, celebrate, enjoy the company of family, and reflect on the things that matter most.

    From the Ubusi team, we wish you a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year!

  • The right packaging, better opportunities!

    New Opportunities Await, But Will Your Packaging Get You There?

    One of the most important functions of packaging is its ability to withstand the rigours of transit and get valuables to their destination in top condition. So why do so many businesses still suffer unnecessary losses on the journey? Today, we look at how critical the right packaging is and how shifting to a quality solution can open up a world of opportunities.


    The fresh fruit and vegetable industry has learned about the pitfalls of product transport the hard way. Reports suggest that some areas of this sector in Sub-Saharan Africa still suffer losses of between 17 – 25% of their produce before consumption. It’s a staggering ratio for a market that can’t afford the loss. It strains the success of small farming enterprises, chokes the nutrition supply to communities and forces a reliance on costly import channels.

    So where exactly do these losses stem from? There are many factors responsible, but the main issues occur during pre-harvest, harvest, processing, distribution, and consumption. The distribution phase which contributes up to 10% of this loss has its own set of challenges that include difficult travel conditions, improper handling, and a reluctance from business owners to invest in suitable packaging solutions.

    Packaging is certainly not the place to cut corners when looking to save. Mechanical damage, which refers to the physical impact on goods while in transit, is an almost inevitable challenge but is heavily compounded by poor packaging. Businesses that neglect this area lose unnecessary amounts of produce.

    But there’s an even bigger loss; businesses that don’t give their packaging the attention it deserves miss vital chances to impress their markets. Products may arrive battered from transit, which could send the message that either the product or the customer is not worth investing in.

    Giving attention to higher quality packaging that reduces vibrational impact offers one of the biggest areas of opportunity for producers looking to tighten up their operations and wow consumers. Introducing more robust solutions prevents physical damage to produce and has been shown to cut post-harvest losses and increase the supply of fresh goods to consumers.


    Solutions to improve the resilience of fresh produce packaging have cropped up all over the world. Indian companies that added structural liners to their crates reduced guava damage by 12%. Similar initiatives in a variety of African countries also yielded positive results when higher-quality shock-absorbing packaging solutions were introduced.

    In each of these cases, the improvements to packaging strength reduced losses so significantly that business owners began making their packaging a much bigger priority. Not only did their interventions cut mechanical injury-related losses but they also started seeing how more creative packaging could enhance packing efficiency and cut transport costs.

    Companies that have adopted this approach are enjoying the increase in opportunities that come with packaging innovation. They have greater access to markets because their packaging can handle more demanding journeys and can get higher yields to their regular customers.


    The need to invest in high-quality packaging is not exclusive to the fruit and veg industry. Whether you’re shipping engine parts, flying electronics up north or stacking furniture on a truck for a long-haul journey, the risk of mechanical damage to your product is ever-present.

    To reach the market effectively and tap into new opportunities, packaging solutions must stack well, absorb the journey’s vibrations, and comfortably pass through the various handling stops. When you achieve this, and consumers receive products that are in great nick, the trust in your business increases and further opportunities unfold. That’s why the right packaging is critical.

    At Ubusi we specialise in robust, yet lightweight environmentally friendly packaging and crating, and we’re passionate about protecting your products and getting them to their destination in perfect condition.

    Our products are based on a unique honeycomb design and are geared towards strength and functionality. We don’t do standard cardboard boxes or packaging for the fruit industry; we’re your ‘Go-to’ for protecting high-value products, for demanding transit, and when there’s absolutely no room for damage.

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  • Well planned packaging gets you ahead.

    Well Planned Packaging Gets You to Market and Wins More Customers

    Successful brands think about packaging differently. Realising the risks of planning this function too late, they get proactive and consider its impact on everything from product development to customer experience. They ask how they can use packaging to enhance their product’s performance and get an edge in a competitive market. This is how you can apply this thinking too.


    When businesses rush to get their products to market and end up with crating solutions that don’t support their product objectives, the financial, brand, legal and logistic implications can be huge.

    Think about customer experience for instance, packaging creates an impact before the product is enjoyed. If the presentation of our packaging is inconsistent with the product, the customer’s perception may be affected, and our brand may take a knock.

    The same applies to the quality of crates. If it’s a sub-standard solution and fails to protect our product in storage or transit, then we’re indirectly telling customers that the quality of our product is low too.

    Then there’s the final stage of delivery and other courier methods that move products from distribution hubs to their destination. Packages can suffer serious damage here, especially if our crates have not been designed with this demanding part of the journey in mind.

    Succumbing to challenges like these is often the result of adopting last-minute packaging solutions after we’ve already begun our marketing. A better alternative is to plan for all eventualities and avoid the costs of getting it wrong.


    A proactive packaging strategy that’s part of the entire marketing mix is a powerful tool that can prevent your product from failing at critical stages and can turn your business into a customer favourite. Start by considering these areas as early as possible…

    Understand the consumer mindset. This commonly overlooked element may leave us thinking that because something is easily delivered, it’ll be well received, which is not always the truth. We must ask how we can use our packaging to create an exceptional experience for the receiver. If the target market prioritises environmental matters, then there’s an opportunity to wow them with a crating solution that supports positive environmental practices. Customers are usually very vocal when businesses show this kind of care towards their values.

    Package development. Invest in quality packaging that absorbs the rigours of transit and handling. Good crating solutions factor in the potential impact of couriers and final stage delivery and are designed to get valuables to their destination in perfect condition.

    Legal implications. How does your packaging relate to the laws of your target market? Some countries won’t accept wooden pallets at all, while others require compliance with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. There are also varying approaches to recycling, so cardboard, paper and plastic choices need to be thought out carefully. Doing sufficient homework on market legislations may prevent your products from being quarantined or returned – both costly scenarios.

    Showing that we’re fully supportive of local legislation and business values is a promising start in any new market and is a great way to get accepted into bigger circles.

    Investigate the logistics. There are many layers of logistics. By digging into all the possible avenues of distribution one may uncover a packaging snag that could prevent our product from reaching a critical segment of the market. What works well for flight may not work well for backstreet city or rural distribution. The key is knowing our market thoroughly and modifying our packaging to suit the various stages of transit.



    Partnering with professionals who have experience in global markets and put emphasis on creating exceptional experiences for customers will help you develop an effective packaging strategy early and will give you an edge in a highly competitive market. At Ubusi we’re passionate about creating packaging solutions that complement your products and get them to their destination in perfect condition.

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  • Going green, save money

    Going Green in 2023 Can Save Your Business Money

    Providing a transport packaging or storage solution in 2023 that both resonates with a growing population of environmentally conscious consumers and considers the need to cut costs is a serious juggling act for many South African business owners. So today we’re asking… How can you go green, and save your business money at the same time?


    The first packaging companies that latched on to the concept of going green were passionate about the environment and they had the means to try new and experimental business models. They implemented recycling initiatives and sourced natural materials that had less of a destructive impact on the environment. This approach to business hit all the right notes with a consumer mindset that was also evolving.
    Today, being environmentally conscious has become the standard. Regenerative cultures are reflected in the processes, the marketing and even in the long-term growth plans of businesses.


    As a collective attitude towards a better future, this is a great way to think and has a long list of benefits, but many business owners have come to a fork in the road where two trends play out in opposite directions; the growing environmentally conscious trend in one direction, and our cost-cutting needs forced by a struggling economy in another direction. Simply put, there are businesses that cannot afford to adopt environmentally friendly practices on a normal day, and now even more so during tough economic times.
    Packaging companies that are new or limited with their budgets often struggle to handle the larger initial costs of using fully recyclable cardboard materials because they tend to be more expensive. This is partly because the demand for environmentally friendly materials is not yet at the same level as more commonly used materials.
    Plastics, for example, have been around for a long time and there’s just so much of it available, making it a highly competitive option. Additionally, business owners with pallet or crate needs and cost-cutting in mind, usually gravitate towards wooden products because they’re highly abundant, strong, and can be picked up for very low prices.
    We cannot blame businesses for taking the cheaper, and less environmentally friendly option to survive tough circumstances. We can however encourage a deeper look and ask… what if there are alternatives that support profits in tough financial circumstances, and allow the adoption of environmental regenerative practices?


    Some due diligence on emerging plastic packaging or standard wooden alternatives highlights some encouraging options. Corrugated cardboard is continuously cropping up as a winning alternative, especially with the continuous improvement and innovative approaches some manufacturers are applying.
    Corrugated honeycomb design cardboard for instance is designed to match the strength and rigidity needs of pallets, bins, and crate seekers. It’s also a lightweight product which means that significant costs are saved in transport. In addition, cardboard doesn’t require treatment with harmful and problematic chemicals like methyl bromide to prevent pest issues. They also don’t accumulate in space stealing piles, and they can be sold back into recycling. These are all much needed cost-saving benefits, welcomed at a time when our primary focus is on beating the economic pinch.
    The goal is to become a clear advocate for environmental sustainability and to have impactful regenerative practices built into our operation because this offers additional access to business networks with similar values and objectives. New partnerships make the future look great! We know this can be achieved while staying within the green where our finances are concerned – it’s just a matter of getting a solution customized to suit your needs.


    If you’ve got packaging, storage, or transport needs and you’re uncertain if there are cost-effective solutions appropriate to your business that could help you contribute to a healthier environment, then consulting with an industry expert like Ubusi may be the best thing for you to do.
    Our innovative approach to product development is responsible for the unique honeycomb design cardboard range that’s proven to deliver high-quality results and positively impact profit margins. We tick all the right boxes for you.


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