Before we step into the new year…

Thank You for Being Part of the Ubusi Journey in 2023

As 2023 wraps up and we reflect on the moments that made this year special, we’re reminded of how grateful we are for your support. We just wanted to thank you for being part of the Ubusi journey this year.


This year Ubusi enjoyed the support of businesses in industries with products ranging from kitchen countertops to outdoor leisure equipment. Some of our relationships are new and just beginning to gain momentum, while others are long-term partnerships that continue to strengthen.

In 2023 Ubusi was the top crate and pallet choice for many businesses transporting valuable products to local and international destinations as well as for consumers moving priceless art, ornaments, and furniture. We’re thankful for the trust – its inspired us to raise our game even further.

Earlier in the year, we also strengthened our operational capacity by installing a generator, which has helped us maintain production in line with demand even as power cuts rolled through the country. It’s another step towards ensuring we always deliver a reliable service and a positive customer experience.


Our growth in 2023 reminds us there is no substitute for a quality packaging solution. More people are catching on to the wins that come with being proactive about their crate and pallet choices.

Businesses that consider packaging a little more intently save on fuel costs, enjoy greater market access where quality and compliance are an issue, and ensure their customers are always on the receiving end of undamaged goods.

Quality packaging initiatives can also benefit those moving valuable pieces of art, furniture, and ornaments and may cut out the stress of handling rare or irreplaceable items. Strong, shock-absorbent packaging can protect even the most fragile goods and ensure they arrive exactly as they left.


We’re proud to say that we understand our customers and hold many of the same values they do. We believe that Ubusi products reflect this.

Quality and customer experience are at the top of our priority list. Every single crate or pallet, with its unique honeycomb design, is produced to give customers peace of mind and reassure them their products are in the safest hands.

We value sustainable practices and ensure our products can be recycled so that wastage is prevented, and everyone enjoys the benefits of the continuous cycle of use. Environmental sustainability matters to us too, because we believe in contributing to regenerating and preserving the resources that support us.


2024 is going to be a big year for Ubusi. We’ll be unveiling an exciting new product aimed at adding even more value to the way you experience our service. More on this to come soon so keep your eyes peeled.

We’ll also enhance the relationships we have with our existing customers and expand our reach to make an impact on the lives of those who have not enjoyed the benefits of Ubusi’s range yet.

As always, our primary goal for the year will be to deliver a product that cares for your valuables as much as you do and ensures you enjoy the authentic Ubusi experience. We are ready to support you, partner with you and help you impress your customers with a superior cardboard packaging solution.

But before we get into 2024, take some time out to relax, celebrate, enjoy the company of family, and reflect on the things that matter most.

From the Ubusi team, we wish you a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year!