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Relocating? Ensure Your Valuables Make the Journey too

You’re not alone if you’re packing up and leaving the bustling Johannesburg for the scenic Western Cape. The Mother City has become a dream destination for many in the country. But relocating is challenging, especially when moving priceless art, furniture or antiques over a thousand kilometres. This is how you can get it right and begin a new life surrounded by the homely items you cherish.


South Africa boasts enticing residential options from coast to coast and lots in between. Many people have packed up to make the trip from the Northern regions to the Western and Eastern Cape. Figures suggest that the Western Cape alone welcomed almost half a million new residents in the last few years.

“Semigrating,” as it’s known, is the act of moving from one part of a country to another, often in search of better economic conditions, quality of life, or simply just a change in scenery. If you fall into either of these categories and are thinking of making the move, you’ve probably begun to feel some anxiety and emotional distress about the logistics involved.

We believe starting a new life in a new place should be a positive experience. But moving priceless art, expensive furniture and antiques can be challenging. They’re fragile, don’t fare well on the move, and are exposed to many unforeseen scenarios.


So, to help you make relocating more uplifting and get your valuables safely to your new home, we’ve unpacked some insights for you to consider before heading over.

The trip may be long, which means whatever you’re transporting could pass through various checks or holdups. Some may not be as welcoming as you’d like. Know the route your goods are travelling and ensure they’re safe and not easily accessible.

Temperature and humidity differences can be hazardous for your items, especially art. A short trip from the Highveld to the coast can take you through 4 seasons, so valuables must not be exposed to the elements.

Consider the unforeseen. Get comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your goods while in transit. It’s a welcomed safety net for the unexpected.

Choose your movers wisely. Specialised moving companies can help ensure a seamless journey from one end of the country to the other. Select a provider that prioritises inspections, has positive reviews and provides quality training for their staff.

Most importantly, the journey is physically demanding. Quality packaging is essential to protect your items from transit vibrations and rough handling and packing.


Partnering with a specialist packaging company that understands transit, cares about your valuables, and provides a proven quality product can turn your “Semigration” experience into the positive one you dreamed of.

At Ubusi we understand land, sea and air transit for heavy-duty loads and fragile goods and have developed custom crates and pallets with all your moving needs in mind.

Our unique cardboard honeycomb design is lightweight for efficiency, and the corrugated B-flute design strengthens the core and eliminates vibrations.

Ubusi quick assembly crates are built around your art, furniture or antiques and provide enhanced protection against potentially damaging packing, handling, and travel.


Ubsui is in the Western Cape and Johannesburg. We’re perfectly positioned to prepare you for the trip whether you’re heading South or up North. We’ll develop a custom crate and pallet solution for you, or you can ask your specialist removal company to ensure they use Ubusi.

Begin the best new chapter of your life with the valuables that mean so much to you.

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